January 6, 2011

Modern Family Trees

Over the holidays I spent some time with my grandfather learning about our genealogy, from English gentry to Revolutionary War fighters. As a result, I have been exploring family trees and was pleased to discover quite a few modern and decor-friendly designs!

My favorites include the elegant designs of My Tree and Me; two are shown at the top and bottom of this post, but be sure to check out the site for many more. The customized charts would look equally beautiful in a child's bedroom or an adult's living room. 

At left is a happy Family Tree Poster from Swedish brand Isak – add your own family's photos to the circles! On the right are hand printed and stamped Custom Family Trees from Etsy seller cozyblue.

On the left, a Family Tree from Famille Summerbelle; it comes in turquoise, pink, and silver-green. At right, The Small Object's charming Balloon Bunch Print, which can be personalized to create a family tree.

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