February 17, 2012

Modern: In Black and White

Designing with black and white can create drama and a visually powerful space. It requires a thoughtful and deliberate approach, positioning objects in such a way that they are read in contrast. The design work of Architect Joseph Dirand, is a gorgeous example of this stylistic approach. It offers an unparalleled simplicity, which suggests a carefully curated experience of space. When I look at these images, I find myself focusing on each object and its artful position in the room, as part of the overall composition. Really, isn’t that how we experience space? As we walk through a doorway and into a room, we are positioned to see a layering of objects, which creates our impression of the space. When designing with black and white, the limited palette allows us to focus on the details, and minimize the chaos or “noise” in the room. Try it. Take a black and white photograph of your room. When you look at it this way, it helps to understand the level of contrast in the space, and the powerful opportunity it provides to design.

Images of the work of Joseph Dirand sourced on the Architects website.

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