July 18, 2012

Modularity. Flexibility. Fab.

Living small and efficiently offers exciting design opportunities. As you can see from the work of Pulltap Design, it need not mean living without beauty or personal style. Modular work walls are of great interest to me. I have used them extensively in corporate work. But, these elements of surprise offer are uniquely appropriate in the home environment as well. Built-in units allow for flexibility of space, undetermined by the expected function. Multiple activities can be accommodated in one room, with a little creativity and design ingenuity. The tools used for dining and entertaining can be tucked away when not needed to reveal a family room function with space to play and furniture to relax. Workwalls and furniture providing concealment are not new news. Of course the concept of the Murphy Bed has been around for ages. But this modular expression takes that space saving concept on step further. In the age of rightsizing our lives to use less, this design approach provides flexibility and adaptability. Home sweet home.

Images sourced at Pulltap Design, and  Remodelista

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