November 11, 2010

More Design with Kids in Mind

I’m just loving these fresh examples of combining kids and style as found via the ‘Good Design – Kids in Mind’ series over at 6th Street Design School

As you know, I am a total fan of washable furniture…as evidenced by my previously admitting that we own a white, slip-covered couch.  But slipcovers aren’t for everyone (thankfully – how boring would THAT be?).  Just take look at how delicious this gorgeous wingback chair is!  The kid-friendly secret: it’s been reupholstered in white vinyl! 

You know I’m a huge fan of the über-hot trend of painting a selection of frames all the same color and creating a large-scale display…

…but Michelle’s 5-year-old son over at Three Men and a Lady thought that was pointless (which, let’s be honest…we probably will all think that once the trend fades in a few years) so they now they use the frames to display a rotating selection of the kids’ artwork!


But probably the most important thing to remember when combining kids and home décor is to ‘Keep it light’.  Meaning –

  • Keep your furniture light – seriously;  white slipcovers that you can bleach are so worth the investment in time every month to actually clean them.
  • Keep your budget light – instead of committing to super-expensive design in places your kids will be in your home, save the big stuff for your bedroom and outfit the rest of the place on the cheap by frequenting places like TJMaxx Home and
  • Keep your attitude light – kids are kids and things are going to get messed up.  If you have the right perspective, than you should be able to shrug off the spills and smudges and brokenness that comes with the territory of having kids

(images via: Three Men and a Lady)

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