May 27, 2011


Photographer Guido Mocafico documents still life with tremendous clarity. His work can be found gracing the pages of such international magazines as Numero, Paris Vogue, and Wallpaper, among others. You might also recognize his photography in high profile advertising campaigns for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Clinique, Shiseido and Hermes.

I have great appreciation of  his professional work, yet I find the personal work of Guido Mocafico most interesting. It is a study of the architecture of objects, and their expression of form . His book titled Movement, explores the circumstance of time. “Time is naturally marked by repeating astronomical phenomena, by the daily cycle and the seasons, as nights and months come and go. To slice it into finer fractions, our forbears invented sundials, which track the movement of the shadows projected by the sun, or clepsydra, hourglass-like devices that count time based on a consistent rate of water flow. But ever since 1657, when the first watch was created, we have used the oscillatory movements of a mechanical system to do that job. He chose complex and rare mechanisms–physically mechanical rather than electronic–which led him into a world of traditional knowledge controlled by master watchmakers. To remove the back from one of their tiny creations is to plunge into an unknown world: these images of the tiny springs, levers, screws and gears that drive the hands of time forward, etched with the slightest texture possible and engraved in the smallest type possible, present an abiding mystery of the everyday, representative of all of the technologies we have come to take for granted”.  publisher

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