July 25, 2012

My new loving. living. small. home office flor

My husband and I recently moved to our first single-family home. It’s a great little place and we are slowly unpacking and getting settled in. One of the first rooms that we set up (aside from the bedroom – making the bed is the best “just moved in and I want to feel comfortable in my new place” tip) was our home office. The house has this interesting little nook – about 4.5 feet wide and 10 feet long that the old home owners had extended in the front of the house. We decided to make this space our home office.

The parquet wood floors in this smaller space were different than the rest of the house and I knew exactly how I would achieve an awesome design statement while covering up the floors – use my Shiny Flor tiles. I’ve had my Flor tiles for a few years and have used them in a few rooms. Did you see my old Los Angeles bedroom on the Flor blog a while back? Also you can see these same Flor tiles in my Los Angeles living room when I reupholstered these chairs.

Since I already had an 8 x 10 sized Flor rug, I knew that I would have enough tiles to create a wall-to-wall look and that it would work perfectly in this smaller space. I couldn’t believe how almost perfectly these tiles fit. We do have a tiny bit of editing to do to the tiles on the right because of the wall molding close to the floor. But, other then that, my old Flor tiles make this new space look and feel awesome. One design element that I continued to do was to alternate the direction of the tiles. To me, this adds a bit more interest and style. We are still setting up this space but the Flor looks awesome! Check out a few more photos of my Flor tiles in my new office below. Click here to check out the Shiny Happy¬† stripe pattern. There are more colors and ideas – fun!

Images by Rebecca Orlov / loving. living. small.

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  1. Karen Says:
    July 25th, 2012 at 9:20 am

    What a LOVELY little space!!