July 29, 2011

Nature’s Texture

I am always inspired by the qualities of color and texture found in the natural environment. I often look to nature for design inspiration, especially when exploring color. There is no better resource for complex tonal compositions, or bright complements and contrasts. On my trip to Yellowstone, there were endless opportunities to study and enjoy natures palette. From the texture of a molting bison, to the rainbow resulting from sunlight dancing on the spray of a waterfall. Beauty is all around us. What a gift.

A mud volcano offers an elemental contrast, and a stunning visual effect.

At 11,000 feet passing through Bear Tooth Pass, a rare opportunity to experience the textural remains of the harsh winter first hand, while enjoying July’s summer sun.

Tonal colors and piercing texture similarly found on an antler sculpture, as well as a cliff face.

Movement, highlight and stunning color found in the wide open landscape.

The hay bales offer a visual display in form, movement, and contrast.

Images taken on the DeGrace’s cross country sojourn.

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