December 3, 2010

Nice In Norway

Santa needn't ask these homeowners if they've been naughty or nice, because the answer is an unabashed "NICE!" ringing clear through the blog-o-sphere. I first spotted this home on Emmas fantastic blog (although the original source is Skona Hem) and I simply couldn't believe my eyes.

I'm loving all of the natural elements in this space, mixed with rugged textiles and vintage fixtures that keep the look balanced, cozy and, in my humble opinion, immaculate.

Couldn't you imagine coming home from a long afternoon at the slopes and cozying up in a shag-covered corner sofa? The entire home just screams comfort, yet without lacking in details.

Speaking of details, that reclaimed wood cabinetry is slaying me. So natural, simple and gorgeous.

Looks like I'm up for a vacation to Norway; who's with me?

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