September 5, 2011

Non-traditional Design Confidence

So here’s a fun fact.  In the 90′s I had bad taste.  Now.  In my defense, I was in high school, college and working at Disney World during those ten years…but still…I had bad taste.  I’m talking stuffed animals, wooden cats, potpourri-in-glass-pitchers and snow-globes-as-decor bad taste.  Hey…it was the 90′s.

But, no matter my bad taste, I was a creative and artistic person.  So one day, in the late 90′s I saw a Photo Frame Screen/Room Divider, not unlike the one below, and the wheels in my head started to churn…

…turned on it’s side, and mounted on the wall above my bed, would that not be a really great headboard?

Unfortunately, I never found out, because I refused to believe in myself and just do it.  Instead, I asked a bunch of other creatively minded people, some who were actually paid BY OTHERS for their home decor expertise…and I was told unequivocally that my idea was ridiculous.

Years later, I sort-of feel like I was so far ahead of the game that the mainstream just didn’t ‘get me’.  Now a days, it is pretty common to re-purpose all sorts of things into beautiful headboards in inspired spaces.  Just look at this bedroom below featured in the Cottage Living April 2008 issue (Photo via: Tammy Manet) found via Apartment Therapy.

Or how about this amazing screen as a headboard (photo via Better Homes and Gardens)

Probably the biggest trend in headboard design these days is reclaiming doors to use.  I love the architectural elements each one lends to the rooms they are a part of.

(source: Martha

(source: The Little Green Bean)

(source: Casa Sugar)

(source: Grand Design Co.)

So, my question to you is: What’s the craziest idea you’ve had in the name of good design and did you go for it even if/when others scoffed at you?

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