January 28, 2013

Now that’s a shelf of a different color…

I am a big proponent of using well designed pieces with a more fun aesthetic in kids’ room designs, rather than opting for more juvenile themes.  Best evidence of this is the quarter-tile FLOR rug I created in my son’s big-boy bedroom and the wide band, custom enhanced drapes.  So I had to share some of these whimsical takes on bookshelves that I have come across lately.

Londoner, Gitta Gschwendtner, has a multitude of eclectic pieces in her portfolio, but it was her playful “Slip Shelf” that caught my eye.  Part bookshelf and part magazine rack, which would be such a great place to hide away some stuffed animal friends, it would be the perfect addition to a kids reading nook.


I was particularly enamored with this whimsical take on a free-form bookshelf.  Made of black rubber-coated stainless steel, the band of letters is completely flexible – it comes delivered completely coiled up, and allows the end user to create whatever storage solution they want.  The object of the design is not necessarily stability, so this might be best for an older child’s room.  That said, anyone who’s ever read an A. A. Milne depiction of Pooh Bear and his friends will instantly recognize why this versatile shelf would be so perfect in a preschoolers place. via WOK Media

Lastly, I’m in love with this nod to the art of pillow talk.  With the right placement say over a large scale mural of classic cartoon characters, these conversation balloon shelves could take a design from kiddy to kitchy. – via fusca.

What’s your favorite?

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