November 8, 2010

Oceanfront property in Arizona

I'm still finding myself totally inspired these days by the ability some people have to throw design caution to the wind and completely design against the style of their actual space.  Case in point, this amazing condo owned by Jaimee Rose in Phoenix.  I am certainly not one to shy away from my love of all things 'down-the-shore'.  But I, admittedly, have never lived more than a few miles away from the water.  So I am in love with the wonderful, beach-house escape that Jaimee has created in the middle of the desert.

Let's have a little chat right now about this awesome piece of spray painted coral that is SO GOING IN MY HOME as soon as I get my hands on one!!  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

Even her outdoor space has a nod to the nautical.  I'm more of a 'coastal' girl when it comes to beach style…but when you're in the middle of the desert, you certainly don't have to worry about being too matchy-match with your surroundings!

What stands out to me the most in this space is that it is a modern condo that could really be anywhere and just happens to be in Phoenix and yet, with the right attention to the details and an eye for editing, Jaimee is able to immerse her space in a beach-house vibe without going too theme-y.  And that's a proposition I'd buy into anytime.

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