March 17, 2011

Off The Wall

This will be my last post from my mom and sister's home in Pennsylvania but before I go, I wanted to share this really cool idea they've implemented. As you know, there is a 6 year old boy in residence at the home and what do kindergarten aged boys amass more quickly than dirt in their pockets and runny noses?

Artwork: pictures from school projects, pages of homework, drawings from Sunday school, paintings from three-solid-days-of-rain-and-nothing-to-do days. Not to mention all of the calendars and schedules and party invites and permission slips, etc! Not wanting to completely clutter up the fridge, but wanting to honor her son's desire to display his pieces, and needing some sort of organizational system for all the shrapnel he would inevitably be coming home from school with; my sister came up* with this ingenious idea. She painted panels of canvas that she got at a local craft store in the exact same shade as the paint on her walls.  This way, she had a way to tack things to the wall temporarily, and since the panels match the wall color, they disappear and all you really see is the artwork. Along with a magnetic wall pocket for things that come in that need to go back out, like party invites and permission slips, the panels create a great, functional wall in an otherwise underutilized space in the downstairs hallway. My sister used this same trick upstairs in her office in the loft.  How great is this little mini-bulletin board?! What off-the-wall ideas do you have for displaying kid's art? —————- *came up with…looked it up on the internet…who cares how she got the idea – I had never heard of it and I still think it is ingenious no matter the source (photos: Miriam Bradford)

One Response to “Off The Wall”

  1. Kathrynzj Says:
    March 17th, 2011 at 6:42 am

    Great idea! When we did this we painted the canvas using the paint left over from the walls.