October 11, 2012

On Branding

When working with couples for my wedding invitation design business, I often extol the virtues of branding.  Each event has a feel, an identity, an emotion and/or a vibe that the happy couple will will want to convey to their guests.  The invitation is often the very first concrete piece of information a guest will receive to communicate all of those previously listed things…save for someone’s mom calling everyone from crazy Aunt Ida to her college roommate from freshman year to gossip about how the blessed event doesn’t have the traditional “two colored scheme” that she had hoped for.

That’s where branding comes in: a cohesive theme that runs through the event from the printed pieces to the venue that communicates a specific style to anyone who cares to pay attention to the message.

Australian design company, Beyond the Pixels, is a full service design consultation business with some impressive credentials.  But really, when it comes down to it, this is the perfect example of the work speaking for itself.

Creating a visual identity for Right Now, a volunteer organization focusing on human rights in Australia:

Imaging @ Olympic Park campaign:

And perhaps the most delightful of the examples I’m providing, Patricia Coffee Brewers – a standing-room-only cafe in downtown Melbourne that just ooooooozes with tradition, simplicity and good, bold coffee.

I’m so in love with the many thoughtful little details…like these beautiful letterpress coasters with perforations to transform them into business cards.

Beyond the Pixels was able to get in on the branding of Patricia from the very beginning and even helped create this fantastic tiled vestibule for the space.  The prefect nod to the traditional aesthetic married to a slightly quirky vibe…not too unlike crazy Aunt Ida after all!

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