May 5, 2011

On Impulse

Oh, I’ve done it now.  My husband and I have vastly different ideas about design and decorating our home which means that we generally hem and haw for way too long and eventually don’t make any decisions and live with things like blank walls and cluttered mantles for, oh, I don’t know, 3 years?

Yeah.  We’ve been living with that blank wall for three years.  Sigh.  Anyway, I decided to up and DO something about it one day.  Originally, we wanted to put a large piece of art up but we couldn’t figure out how to work around that pesky light switch right in the middle of the wall.  And while it would have been great to just move the light switch, I was there when they installed it and couldn’t move it any closer to the edge, so that avenue was out too.  Then, I thought for texture purposes it would be nice to have a reclaimed wood piece leaning against the wall; but I never found anything that was just what I was looking for.

Then I thought that potentially I could create a long, skinny piece of artwork from a photograph that I took.  I mean, the design pros on blogs and on TV are always talking about how blowing something up to large scale can make a really bold, striking statement in a room.  So I found the perfect picture from a trip we took to LBI a few years ago. It is of the inside of a light house and I thought it had the right rustic edge to it, some great graphic lines and it  was the right color.  Heck, it even had some old wood in it to appease my I-really-wanted-some-reclaimed-wood desire.

I ordered the canvas and a few weeks later it showed up and it was HUGE and awesome!  For scale, you can see how big it is here next to our stairwell.

But when I tried it in the room…it was awful.  The color was all wrong, the scale was ridiculous.  In order to lean behind the couch and not interfere with the light switch it looked like a piece of discarded trash that we were storing in the corner.


Never one to be discouraged, I tossed the canvas upstairs to think about what it had done* and tried to come up with another solution.  Then, it just so happens, that my mother-in-law spotted a guide that was handed out from the Old North Church back in the 50′s for the Midnight Run of Paul Revere and William Dawes (the latter of which she is a direct descendent).  She snagged it and had it framed and sent it to us.

Having completely given up on trying to find something else to fit the space, we decided to try out the framed piece my mother in law sent and it looked pretty good.  But the scale was still a little off.

Then, a couple of weeks later, I needed some task lighting so I dragged in a light from another room and lo and behold it actually helped anchor the corner.

Now, with a throw pillow (and potentially someday a blanket) I think maybe we can work with this.

The funny thing is, that the design pros on blogs and on TV are ALSO always talking about layering things to create warmth.  I never really understood that or ‘got’ it until this happy little accident with the lamp, the frame and throw pillow.

Now, if only I could take this newfound skill and apply it to the mantle!

*I think we’ve found a place for the canvas so it isn’t a total loss so I’ll have to share that with you sometime soon

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