April 23, 2012


Mr. Graham Thompson of Chicago’s Optimo Hats reminds us that the fine craft of hat making is a true art form. Belief in the process of creating a hat made perfectly for each individual, Graham focus’ on fitting your personality as well as your head. Designed for both style and comfort, the weight and texture of the felt and straw are carefully considered. The proportion, length of the brim, and height of the crown, are all important design elements for a well fitting hat. Graham doesn’t advertise. His clients seek out the quality and craftsmanship reflected in his work. With that said, he is well known is his market niche, and often appears in print, television and movies. These beautiful objects are built for the long haul. Graham offers service for your investment, using an extensive collection of block and molds. There is something to be said for a passion so deep that it lives on in others. I respect the dedication to these handcrafted, slow built, process centered garments. Built to last a lifetime.

Images sourced at http://optimohats.com


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