November 5, 2013

Patterned Perfection


Pattern on pattern is a fast-growing trend in the fashion world, and we’ve certainly seen the look interpreted in home textiles like mix-and-match throw pillows, bedding and layered rugs. But tell us, have you ever considered mixing patterns on your walls or ceilings? Surely it’s not possible, right?

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October 30, 2013

Two Wasabi Tape DIYs to Adore

I love DIYs but sometimes they take TMT (too much time) so when I spot one that is unique, fun and fabulous – I go for it. I recently tried 2 awesome, easy and time-friendly DIYs using….

…patterned wasabi tape that elevated 2 simple objects to new decor heights – a phone charger and plain feathers. With the phone charger, just wrap it in your fave design of tape and you have created a brand new vibe for something you use everyday. Next tape idea, take plain old feathers (you can find these at your local art store) and tape the entire shape. Now you have a very cool decor accent for your home.

Have you tried using wasabi tape to elevate the everyday?


wasabi DIY 2
wasabi tape DIY 1
source: 1) poppytalk 2) poppytalk

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October 29, 2013

Bright Idea: Hanging Furniture


I often find small space solutions the most inspiring of all. There’s just something so creative about taking a few restrictions and pushing through potential boundaries to brainstorm a solution that can honor both form and function. And in the case of Printerette Press’ studio, one such solution is a bright idea for any apartment dweller looking to maximize their space:

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October 25, 2013

Hairy Expression

beard A

Now that’s some Hairy Design Expression. Welcome to the World Beard Championships. A whole lot of fun, and a true indication that Design is alive and well. One might say these artful bewhiskered displays give voice to their personal design vision. Each sculptural mustachioed presence makes me smile.

beard B

Beard C

Image Credit:  Las Vegas-based photographer Greg Anderson captured the event and has posted 164 portraits.


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October 24, 2013

Not Wallpaper


This is decidedly NOT wallpaper. The way I see it, it’s large scale, room making, art for your walls. A collection of graphically engaging images by a diverse group of artists in varied styles, are available by yourwallpaper. Customizable in size and color and even image. ‘The xerographical printing technique enables manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.’ Homeowners and designers alike can collaborate to create artwork, with a specific artist, or search within the collection to ‘find motifs or patterns for your wallpaper and adapt them according to requirements and environment .’ Brilliant.


The xerographical printing technique enables us to manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.

Images of art by self taught artist Moley Talhaoui. Images and excerpts sourced at  www.yourwallpaper

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