October 22, 2013

Give This Fab Detail a Hand

Yes, yes, yes we all know that the “devil is in the details” and this thought couldn’t be more true in this pretty home. Beyond the incredible white palette with surprising pops of hot pink (yes, click here to see that style), the most fun detail are the doorknobs. At first glance in photo 1, you may not even notice the gilded detailed doorknob but take a closer look and what do you see?

door detail 1

door detail 2

A gold hand! Isn’t this just the coolest detail? I love the nod to whimsy and still the delicate style that totally works in the elegant space. I am definitely giving this pretty detail a hand. What do you think of this fun detail? Would you consider it in your own home? Click here to see the full house tour – it’s lovely.

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October 21, 2013

Modern Landscape


A formal Garden? Yes, pruned trees and hedges, but no symmetry  found here. Spheres, of varied shades of green are a modern twist on an age old concept. Why does it work? The repetitive singular variety of shrub, but of varied tone, planted  en masse does the trick. A lot of one thing, densely populated in an area creates a sculptural presentation. Eye catching, and oh so simple.

Image Source:  dwellerswithoutdecorators.blogspot.com

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October 18, 2013




Simple as it gets, and a real applied DIY story. Restauranteurs Clinton McDougall and Dane Brown opened their currywurst restaurant ‘Bestie’ in the heart of Vancouver BC’s Chinatown. Designed for flexibility, and a DIY install, components are uniform, utilitarian, and perfectly spare.

The main wall is made up of an array of 116 holes and wooden pegs which support an ever-changing rotating composition of locally produced design objects and art; coats and umbrellas; additional stools and pendant lights. Always changing to adapt to the current need or configuration, yet appearing organized and thoughtfully designed. Painted surfaces, define areas within the space and their function as well as make cleaning high traffic areas a snap.

Stripping away what is not necessary seems to work, providing space to enjoy the environment and the people within, with clarity, focus, and loads of character.

Images and excerpt sourced at http://retaildesignblog.net


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October 17, 2013

Why Don’t You…?


… paint your kitchen window trim a bright, fluorescent hue?

I loooove a good, neutral kitchen. It’s beautiful and timeless and smart – because after all, no homeowner wants to choose something overtly trendy when redecorating the most expensive space in his/her home. But sometimes, we crave a bit of… color. Life. Personality. Here’s where this brilliant trick comes in handy…

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October 16, 2013

Big Bold Unabashed Color


Big Bold Color. It demands space to empower a room. These stunning examples of large splashes of pigment speak to simple gestures, not letting the space get too busy but rather placing sculptural, singular elements of focus in the room. So dramatic, and full of energy. Notice how the floors are used in this color scheme?  All planes (walls, ceiling and floor) play off each other to become part of the composition. These spaces work so well because the saturation of hues are balanced.




“Designed by Gisbert Pöppler, The Hansaviertel Project is a full renovation of a private apartment owned by a prominent writer for the popular German television show “Verliebt in Berlin”. The property is tucked in the corner of a large modern apartment building, designed by Walter Gropius for the 1957 Interntational Building Exhibition, “Interbau”. As if intentionally planned to coincide with this important milestone, the renovation was completed just in time to celebrate the 90th year anniversary of this now classic modernist BAUHAUS experiment in urban living.” architectonic

Image and excerpt source:  www.architonic.com 


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