April 26, 2012

Patterns Galore Embrace Pattern In Your Home


I’ve been writing for Flor for a few months and love it because I am a real fan of Flor. I have had Flor tiles in my space for years. My favorite style – Shiny Happy. (Don’t you love the name?!) I wanted to share a post that I did for loving. living. small. that shares my Flor tiles in action and another design fave – patterns.

I currently have my Shiny tiles in my main room and have been mixing them up with other patterns, like zig zags. Patterns and shapes are such dimensional design elements and can really make a space. My biggest tip – embrace your color combinations rather than worrying if the patterns make sense. The colors (or color contrast) will pull it together. Want to see more pattern ideas? Click here to see 3 more styles and have fun in your own space.

{Images by loving. living. small.}

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