December 3, 2012

Paul Rudolph House

In New York City, relatively few buildings have been designed and built by architects for their own use. Paul Rudolph, one of the most celebrated and innovative American architects of the 20th century purchased 23 Beekman Place in 1976. He subsequently added the remarkable, multi-story penthouse that earned two awards from the American Institute of Architecture. According to Chairman Tierney of the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission, Ruldoph’s innovative design makes this building one of the most provocative landmarks in the city. In 2010the building was landmarked as a testament to Rudolph’s body of work.

New York Times architecture critic Paul Goldberger praised the steel-and-concrete design, calling it a handsome composition, a neat arrangement of geometric forms that is visually pleasing in itself and a welcome addition to Beekman Place’s already long list of architectural styles.

The Apartments:
The building consists of four private residences all individually designed with Mr. Rudolph’s iconic flair. Each residence features its own private terrace that runs the entire width of the building, framing spectacular, unobstructed river views. The lower unit is a large one bedroom, two bathroom apartment. The second and third units are multi-level two bedroom, two bathroom apartments. All four units are currently leased at market rates, with the penthouse lease expiring in April.

The Penthouse:
The crown jewel of this property is the multi-level penthouse; a true work of art. Architectural critic Michael Sorkin described the pent house as one of the most amazing pieces of modern urban domestic architecture produced in this country. At 4,000 square feet, the penthouse is comprised of three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Expansive multi-level entertaining spaces are wrapped in floor to ceiling glass walls to the East and South. The open exposures provide exceptional waterfront views of the East River, from the Queensboro bridge to the Williamsburg bridge. There are five private outdoor spaces on four staggered levels.

It could all be yours. 23 Beekman place is for sale for $27,500,000, represented by Christies.
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