May 26, 2011

Pigeon Toe. Heirlooms for the Modern Home

“Because objects are an essential part of your personal history. Because memories should be created, not collected. Because life is too short to be surrounded by anything less than beautiful. Because stories are handed down, not mass-produced. Because design should be timeless and craft should be authentic. Because your objects tell a narrative. Your narrative”.

Pigeon Toe. Objects with a story. This Portland based company handcrafts modern objects for the home. Not your everyday nick-nacks, but rather meaningful, useful, sculptural tools for living.  I embrace design expression offering beautiful functionality. The handmade quality of each and every piece creates a connection to the use, form and task at hand.These handcrafted heirloom pieces are perfect in their artful imperfection. I love an expression of Process in an object. The Pigeon Toe website features a behind the scenes look at just how these lovely thrown pieces are created, from a lump of clay to the finished piece. Step by step.

“Pigeon Toeʼs aspiration is simple: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. Highly curated and refined, each piece is culled from skilled hands, trained minds and inspired hearts. Founded in 2009, our studio exists in the heart of charming Southeast Industrial Portland. Featuring artisan objects that transcend trends, each piece is an attempt to redefine a new age of homegrown, grassroots aesthetics”.

Pigeon toe has a retail storefront at their studio location. If you are not able to visit the store, thankfully there is a wonderful online option as well.

Pigeon Toe is also represented at many hip and happening retail locations.

All images and excerpts via Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

Thank you Phyllis.


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