March 14, 2011

Planning a Change for a Change

Hello there from Central Pennsylvania…yup…I’m still here!

This week I have a super-fun project up my sleeve.  My mom and sister have asked me to help them come up with a plan for their downstairs living space.  Before my father passed away, the living room was set up with three large recliners.  Two that my parents’ had originally before moving in with my sister plus one lift-recliner that my dad got to help him get in and out of the chair.  The latter has been sold, so now there are two large recliners, one Windsor chair, a large hatch-cover coffee table, a couple of gorgeous family heirloom pieces and a corner entertainment center.

It isn’t exactly hang-out friendly as only two people can have a cushy seat at a time (pics below – warning…they’re from my iPhone and really not great quality, but I figured it was important to show the space as it is now…also important: the living room usually looks much nicer without all of my son’s toys and shrapnel strewn around and without everything all pushed to the edges to keep a certain 19 month old from bonking his head on anything)

The thought of trying to rearrange everything over and over again until we figured out what was right was overwhelming to me.  Enter the Room Planner from Pottery Barn Studio.  Pottery Barn USED to have a place on their site where you could print out some graph paper and a few icons to cut out and place around your room.

NOW they have this awesome-tastic room planning tool that you can use even if you aren’t using Pottery Barn furniture.

So, I put in the specs of the living room/dining room (the latter of which will not be rearranged) and started playing around with potential room plans based on getting rid of one of the recliners in favor of a couch.

The tool is so dynamic and I totally love that you can link websites to different items that you create so you can have all of the information all in one place.  When you’re done designing, you can save your room layout and even print it along with a guide that tells you the dimensions of everything you put in the room. This new tool makes moving around furniture SO easy it’s fun!!

Have you ever used an online application to rearrange your living spaces?

** click here to see the finished results!

One Response to “Planning a Change for a Change”

  1. Sara Says:
    March 16th, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Thanks for posting this, Miriam! The planner would likely come in very handy for us when we're done with our remodel/expansion and have totally new spaces to put our furniture into.