April 14, 2011

Pooch Portrait

Samuel Price’s portraiture is not your every-day-point-and-shoot sort of thing. His primary model is not human, but rather their joyful and expressive canine companions. Samuel’s process of collage or photo-montage uses everyday materials as a means of expression. His work has amazing depth and richness. It captures the spirit of these creatures uniquely.  “Combining small pictures as the elements for color and texture within a larger picture, my work uses the same technical elements to conceive a portrait without the use of computers as a guide. Each piece of paper is cut by hand and placed individually onto the working surface, placed meticulously for it’s color and shape. I spend many hours simply digging for the materials that best fit the canvas, searching for the perfect match. Moreover, I find great joy in using materials that have been put to waste and constructing something new and special from the process.” Samuel Price

For the past 10 years, Samuel has been working exclusively with paper as an art form. He begins with a photograph of his subject. The fine detail of his work in this medium is a result of close attention to the subtle nuances that make every animal unique. Characteristics of his furry friends such as elements of the mouth and eyes make his portraits come alive. The eyes are so expressive, I believe I can feel a connection to these beautiful dogs.

Many of us with pets feel the deep connection to these creatures as important members of our family. Our boxer Mabyl, is often photographed right along with the rest of us in our family snapshots. Our hallway is plastered with memories. From the year our boys were born, we have annually posted a few images of meaningful moments. And yes, it includes portraits of our beloved pets that have graced our lives through the years.

I love the creative expression of Samuel’s work. A beautiful and refreshing take on portraiture.
For more information on the work of Sam Price, visit his website at www.mydogcollage.com
All excerpts and images www.mydogcollage.com

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