March 7, 2012

Prefabulous Style | 3 Prefab Builders that Inspire

I have always been in love with prefab homes. There’s something special about the thought and process that people and companies have put into building a specific style space for people to enjoy and truly live in. Over the years of covering design, I’ve had the pleasure of being turned onto some great companies. Here are 3 of my favorites that have pushed the boundaries of form and function through deisgn style and home building.

What can I say about Marmol Radziner? Their designs are gorgeous. sustainable. amazing. elegant. I am sure you get the idea. This company is insanely innovative, thoughtful and just all around amazing when it comes to designing and executing homes. They consider so many factors including environment, material, culture, relationships and more that their homes truly feel like they have soul, like this 1-bedroom micro green house by Marmol Radziner.


A new prefab kid to the block is Los Angeles based,  Sunia Homes . Sunia literally guides you thorough the prefab building process every step of the way. They not only help with the design but with the land acquisition, site survey, financing, permitting, foundation and more. They truly want to take the angst out of home building. With cool and gorgeous homes like this one standing tall in Silverlake, CA, I can see the beauty of working with Sunia.


Another fantastic and fave prefab building company is Living Homes. They work with leading architects to create a line of homes that ”inspire people, foster family and community interaction, and make modern life easier, healthier and more comfortable — all in ways that compliment and enhance the municipalities and environments in which we work.” Aside from the gorgeous and environmentally conscious homes, they also believe in creating community.

What do you think of the fabulous prefab home companies? I encourage you to check out their sites to see more about what they are up to, especially when it comes to creating a home that you love to live (and design) in.

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