September 29, 2010

Project lighting…

How much do I love this hydrangea lamp by Sarah Foote?! Made from hundreds of hand-stamped ash veneer circles… quite a looker, don't you think? Can't even begin to imagine how many hours it would take to handmade something intricate like this. I am not a big DIYer, wish I was though! But it would be super fun to make something special for the home. So here goes my very first DIY wish list…

… paper leaf lamp made with translucent paper. Love how organic this lookss. I don't even mind the rough gathering at the top, it adds a nice handmade quality to it. [ click here for the how-to. heads-up, the page is translated from Dutch to English! ]

… I have a thing for chaotic textures and this woven lamp has my name written all over it. Made with stripes of wood veneer and an Ikea cord set. Thinking to use a few wood variety? [ click here for photos and instructions ]

…. okay, THIS paper pendant lamp I am fascinated with. It's all about precision and it definitely tests your origami skills. I already know this would take me hours to make, but I'm up for a good challenge! [ click here for pattern template and in-depth instructions ]

… here's a fold-in-progress photo, isn't it amazing?!

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