September 6, 2010

Pulling a Screen: Kitty Defense

We have a kitty at our house and she loves nothing more than to curl up in a warm cozy place and sleep there for an eternity whilst shedding what often seems to be half her body weight in fur all over her current nap locale of choice.  When we were expecting our son, I was concerned about our kitty deciding that our son's crib was the most awesome nap place of all time and taking up residence in there.  Now that our son is a year old, I realize that our cat will never go anywhere near that annoying little human who's main purpose in life is to try and catch her…but I was a new parent, so I didn't know. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how we would keep the kitty out of our son's crib until I remembered the solution my sister had gone with, which was to install a screen door into the nursery.  Of course, at first mention of this idea to anyone they immediately assumed we had a big, white, metal, hulking screen door in mind…but take a look at these pretty, practical, wood screen door solutions:

Here's the door we installed into our son's nursery.  We were able to get a pretty close match to the existing wood trim: What are your tips for unexpected, practical nursery design? — {Photos: 1 Seattle Times; 2 Diy Mentor; 3-5 Miriam}

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