May 7, 2012

Pure. Simple. Modern.

 Pure. Simple. Modern.  The work of Piet Hein Eek does not disappoint. One of his latest projects is a teaching hotel, built of bare essentials, and a refreshing perspective on space use. Twenty six rooms, a restaurant, a bar and meeting rooms, this is a facility for education, not only about the business of hotel management, but also about design, change, and the power of conceptual thinking.

Each room is different, promoting creative thought and an understanding that each visitor is unique and deserving of inspiration and a personally designed experience. This transformation takes place on the interior of an ancient castle. A contrast yes, but beautifully executed. The modern interior does not compete, rather, gestures toward the period with its rustic simplicity. Notice, the detail of unfinished wood, peeking out, reminding us of the enclosure that surrounds. Comfort is not necessarily defined by the level of finish. Here it is created with natural light, a calming palette, and clean lines leaving room for the imagination to fill. The intimacy and privacy created by an enclosed bunk, of the placement of a bench adjacent to storage, and natural light, speak to a well designed space offering respite, despite the lack of glamor, or luxury of surroundings. This is my kind of place.


Images and excerpts about the Teaching Hotel Chateau Bethlehem sourced here.


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