January 20, 2011

Rabbits To Robots: Favorite Finds At CES 2011

New robot vacuums, a super sleek document shredder, and a tech-savvy rabbit were among my favorite finds at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas last week. I'm not a hardcore tech nerd but I do enjoy seeing what's new for the home, especially when it's well designed. These are a few of the devices that caught my eye…

Moneual Rydis R750 (above) – Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for a while, but this one comes with a wireless remote, which offers greater user control and makes it kind of like a video game (at least that's what you can tell your kids). It works on hard floors and low-pile carpets (up to 1 cm), so I'd imagine it would be effective on most FLOR tiles. A rep said the vacuum will be available in the US in fall 2011. See a video of it in action here.

Karotz – Besides being really cute, this new version of the Nabaztag is Wi-Fi enabled and has the ability to access the Internet; report the weather; make phone calls; play music; sort, select, and read emails; and watch your home via webcam. It will be available this spring.

Black & Decker iShred – My boyfriend called this the coolest document shredder ever, and I have to agree. I love the innovative vertical design! it shreds up to 6 pages at a time, plus credit cards and staples, and is already available at Amazon.com.

Moneual Play Ball - Free from wires or peripherals like a keyboard or mouse, this interactive HTPC (home theater PC) system is controlled through movement. The central sphere acts as a remote control that you can pick up, move, or even toss, and two speakers can be placed anywhere in the room.

AlessiTab – Leave it to Alessi and designer Stefano Giovannoni to create one of the best-looking tablets on display at CES. It would look great in any room of the house and seems especially well-suited to the kitchen for recipe viewing. Currently it's only available in Europe; Alessi is looking for a US distributor and I hope they find one soon!

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