November 12, 2013

Ranch Renovation in the Desert

Earlier this year, while visiting the Seattle FLOR store, I had the opportunity to meet Mark and Oren, Seattle residents who had recently taken the big renovation plunge by purchasing a mid-century modern ranch in the desert of California. Their plan sounded innocuous enough – maybe a facelift here and there, some new paint, a few new pieces of furniture, a FLOR rug – you get the idea. Well, it wasn’t long before they had a full blown, down to the studs renovation on their hands. And with that comes its share of headaches. You know, like when the gas leak is detected after the new fireplace is installed and the tile work finished. Or complications with contractors that leads to pulling out and reinstalling the kitchen cabinetry.

Well, in the end their perseverance shall be richly rewarded. They’ve created an amazing retreat; a place to escape to when you think you just can’t take one more rainy, grey day; a place to entertain family & friends; a place to enjoy a poolside margarita that is two-days in the making (I’ve got to get my hands on that recipe). It’s my understanding that the phone has been ringing and the calendar of guests is filling up! After this series of before / after shots, you’ll see why and like me, you’ll probably have a hankering to get on that list.

Exterior, before & after
Pool, before & after
Kitchen, before & after

And this brings us back to the beginning of the story, remember — we were at the FLOR store in Seattle. Mark & Oren are working with Wynne whose theatrical charm and exuberance at work is rivaled only by her design eye and ability. I entered the story because I couldn’t help but notice the swatches they had brought along and recognized that we must share similar design sensibility. Here are a few shots from the process and of the finished rug. Thanks to Mark & Oren for letting me share in their renovation journey from afar — I’ll send you a few dates when I could come and visit!


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