May 13, 2013

Rethinking Your “Stuff”

I recently moved a bunch of my “stuff” around in my small house to recreate a new design layout that felt a bit better, bigger and more comfortable. I also made a chair into a cool side table in our guest room.  I looked around and realized that my items, things and “stuff” in my home are often used in many different ways and embracing this has turned my small home into one that feels just right.



Defining how your furniture and decor work for you can make your small space can certainly make it feel big and comfy. This image is a great example of how to do just this. A chair doesn’t have to be just that. Think of it as a functional item – it’s a chair or a side table or a step stool or storage opportunity. It’s all about creating a comfortable vibe that works for you. Do you reimagine your furniture and decor in new ways?

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