September 28, 2012

Roman and Williams

With a prestigious NYC project list including The Ace Hotel, renovation of the Royalton Hotel and Standard Hotel, I thought it time to look into the private realm of the Architecture firm of Roman and Williams. As expected, the firms office self titled “The Center for the Study of Good Things”, is good indeed. Built in 2004, the 4,000 sf  space is an eclectic mix, reflecting their design sensibilities, which aim to create “tension between spontaneity and rigor, refinement and rebellion, high and low, and past and future.” I love the refined industrial feel. Simplicity and clarity, paired with the warmth offered in weathered material. Inherent in these found objets are their dings and scuffs, which convey the story of their journey.  The result is comfortable and inviting. If you look closely, the color palette is restrained and neutral. Wood, metal, and black painted accents create a no frills environment full of character. What a wonderful place to come to explore creativity everyday.

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