August 13, 2012

Sea Inspired

Lately I have been dreaming of the beach.  I grew up a mile from the ocean, which meant biking to the beach, taking Sr. pictures in the sand, Hibachi BBQ-ing in the evenings after everyone went home and even enjoying the smell of low tide.

Something about botanical inspired prints with a sea-life twist really speaks to me so I am excited to share this veritable rainbow of beautiful, sea-inspired prints and accessories.  Because even just a little touch of the ocean can bring the beach into your home.

{Common Octopus print (above), Set of 9 Sea Related prints (below) and Vintage Poisson print (photo 3) via Etsy seller AlgaNet}



{Octopus Duvet Cover (above), Lobster Placemats (below) and Sea Horses Pillow in Sunflower (3rd photo) from Thomas Paul}



Do you have a favorite sea-inspired piece?

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