June 4, 2013

Shannon Rankin, Artist

I’m not exactly sure what draws me most to Shannon Rankin’s beautiful artwork.  Is it the pattern that draws me in, the meticulous attention to detail that inspires me, or is it the tiny details on each piece of map she uses in her work that makes me come closer.  Whatever it is, I find her work intoxicating.

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Born in California, Shannon now lives and creates in Portland, Maine.  And while she has been using maps as a medium in her work, she has been working with them exclusively for over four years.  Shannon sometimes allows the medium itself to give her pieces direction; at times creating works that both deconstruct and reassemble the material and it’s innate meaning.

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Shannon manipulates a variety of vintage charts and maps to create her pieces; meticulously cutting out strips, dots or sections.
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This piece is complete made of carefully extracted highway markings that when removed from their original confines, truly represent the artery status we tend to give them.3fJsKV7KOhIq18UH

More of Shannon’s work can be found on her website: artistshannonrankin.com and she is currently exhibiting at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery in Portland, ME through the end of this month.

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