April 4, 2012

Small Details for Spring

It certainly is spring on the east coast with record warm weather and a literal overnight “spring into spring” bloom that happened across the DC area. (literally flowers bloomed and popped one day 2 weeks ago – gorgeous) While I certainly have been enjoying it since I am newly living on the here and am absolutely loving actual seasons. My own front yard has vibrant flowers of all shapes and sizes (for free!)

My favorite way to display flowers is actually not in a large vase (although, yes, I do love that) but rather in a small vessel. I love details in home decor, truly the little things that make a difference. I chose to display bunches of these purple flowers in my yard in a votive and an old candle holder. This small punch of color looks great in my home and catches the eye.

How do you embrace small details in your home?

Images by Rebecca Orlov




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