May 20, 2013

Small Loo Storage


Pretty much every single time I ever see an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters I am instantly frustrated by whatever newbie couple is looking for a house and hopelessly disappointed by the diminutive size of the bathroom space.  Usually, it’s about three times the size of our one and only full bathroom.  No really, I’m not bitter. Thankfully, for us bathroom space challenged, there are some really cute storage options to consider before you head out and get one of those over-the-toilet shelving systems.

Not to say that the space over the toilet isn’t valuable – as evidenced by this pretty little basket display for extra rolls of toilet paper and toiletries and such from Carmel over at Our Fifth House…




…or these shallow, two-tone painted drawers.
vessel sink small space


I especially like this innovative use of small, open shelves.  When kept free of too much visual clutter, they actually add to the serenity of the place while also adding a perfect place to store towels.1750901


The minimalist approach above is just one option – an entire wall of cube storage allows for coordinated boxes to stow away all of your bathroom essentials.




And for the truly space challenged, the back of the door is always a great place to look for some free space.



Lastly, I had to include this clever towel rack.  How many of us have a pedestal sink and no place to hang a hand towel?

pedestal sink(source)

Do you suffer from small bathroom syndrome?  See anything inspiring?


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