April 2, 2012

Small Scale Entryways

I love my home.  I love its location.  I love the proximity to the city.  I love that it is 103 years old and has incredible details.

I don’t love the lack of closets and the complete lack of space in our entryways for anything even remotely resembling a mudroom.  But, that’s why I found these entryway ideas so inspiring.  All of them use simple hooks and small scale pieces that when grouped together, truly form a functional space.

I pinned this image so long ago with that previous sentiment in mind.  There is nothing in this picture that you couldn’t already find somwhere else in your home and while this is certainly small scale in relation to some of the grandiose mudroom options there are out there, it could even be pared down more to fit in any space, no matter how small.

(Found here and not credited further)

Really, all you need in an entryway to make it functional is a place to hang coats, a place to store some shoes and a bench to sit down on.  This next option is really a fantastic example of the core pieces of entryway function, disguised by phenomenal styling and editing.

(Trevor Tondro for the New York Times found HERE)

Even a simple board stretched across a couple of stools will work.


Just look at all of the function this space has in seriously, what looks like less than three square feet of space!  Every time I think that there’s no way I can even use the space behind my front door, I will reference this picture!

(found here and credited to BHG but without a specific link)

Having spent much of my 20′s living in walk-up apartments, I can truly appreciate this next entryway design. Again, a table, a chair, som hooks…instant function.


So what are you waiting for?  To start you off, I even found this fantastic, vintage yardstick coat rack from Etsy seller KeepingitCoastal.

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