April 20, 2012

Small Spaces Designers, Scout RegaliaSunset Magazine


 From years and years of *living small*, I certainly know how it feels to make a space work in both form and function. I also know how it feels to, well, just not feel right or work sometimes too.  Echo Park, CA couple – Makato Mitzutani and Ben Luddy – knows how that feels too. Instead of just editing their items or design cycling their space, they began creating thoughtfully designed furniture and decor that worked efficiently in their small space dwelling. Thus, Scout Regalia (their design company) was born. Through their own *everyday living in 650 square feet*, the couple can identify what they need in terms of products for their space, why it’s missing in their small space and materials and extra design styles that make sense. I love how dedicated to the design process the team is when it comes to making a house a real home and their story. Plus knowing that they are living their designs makes it more interesting when it comes to enjoying your home.

Images via Sunset


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