July 20, 2011

What I saw in… Spain, part two.

Continuing this week with more images from Spain. What I love about traveling through Spain is that every city or village I visited, the local graphics just simply do not disappoint. Completely different look and feel from one to the next, yet somehow it all comes together beautifully as a culture, and a design community.

Calle Princesa / Barcelona
Love how the street number is simply engraved into the wall/structure itself. Injecting a dose of modernity to a street that is both old and new Barcelona.


Side street in Bilbao
This “Art After Dark” poster for the Guggenheim Bilbao really caught my eye. It was as bright as it looks, maybe even brighter. The “messiness” of everything around it just makes it that much more interesting.


Zubizuri Bridge / Bilbao
You may be surprised to know that the Zubizuri Bridge is quite contemporary looking – painted entirely white with steel suspension cables. This ornamental signage completes the look; again, the old and new concept. Love that pop of blue too!


Along Ría de Bilbao
The red barricades feels like they are part of the urban landscape, don’t they? The buildings in the back, the barricades, and even the lines on the road seem to be working in harmony.


Street vendor in Mijas
Had to take this one. A true global brand, whether the graphics are hand-painted or not. Yup, open that Coco-Cola happiness!

{ all photography by Peggy Wong }

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One Response to “What I saw in… Spain, part two.”

  1. Mike Carreiro Says:
    July 23rd, 2011 at 2:08 pm

    I’m loving all the type and graphics in the landscape!