October 2, 2012

Spotlight: Cube Shelving

Modular shelving has been around for years, and I’ve never exactly been a fan. They always seemed a bit “college dorm room” to me, likely because of those plastic crates I sported for four years during university. (Surely I wasn’t the only one who used them as bookshelves, makeshift dressers and more?)

But then I spotted these images from Petra Bindel’s portfolio, and instantly, my mind shifted. No longer are cubes synonymous with late night pizza and final exams. Instead, modular shelving can suddenly seems chic, smart and incredibly sophisticated.

I suppose it’s all in the styling, yes? Any collection can make or break a room, and when displayed in such an unexpected manner, the look definitely pops.

How do you feel about modular shelving? Yay or nay?

Images: Petra Bindel and All The Way To Paris for Danish MUUTO

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