March 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning is Here!

Image Credit: Stellan Herner, Skarp Agent

It’s true, friends – spring is right around the corner. And you know what spring means? Spring cleaning, which happens to be one of my favorite annual activities. No, I’m not a serial cleaner during the year, but there’s just something so lovely about that season where you’re forced to open your doors and windows, air out the home and unclutter a winter’s worth of excess.

Such a fresh, freeing activity, yes? Tell me, how many of you plan to spring clean this year? Anyone planning any serious renovation projects while you’re at it?

I’d love to hear all about them in the comment section. In the mean time, remember the old adage (that has become my decorating motto in recent months!): A place for everything and everything in its place.

Happy cleaning, friends!

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