April 18, 2011

Spring into Pastels

I am admittedly a Summer girl.  I like Summer so much that I break it down into three segments of love…1) early Summer, with its just finally-formed light, green leaves and its promise of vacations to come; 2) late Summer, with its cooler nights and dutifully trying to stuff as much fun as possible into the waning warm days; and 3) mid Summer, with its dog days, lazy afternoons and warm nights.


Anyway, I digress, because we are barely into Spring here so really why such a focus on Summer?  Because in order to get to Summer…you have to go through Spring.  Thankfully, after a looooooong winter holed up in my home with an antsy toddler, I have come to appreciate Spring more than ever.  Besides, with beautiful inspiration like the following, how could you skip right over the beauty the season has to offer?

I'm in love with this pretty display of flowers in egg cups on cake stands found over at Martha Stewart.com.

And this eclectic, simple mason jar light fixture from BootsNGus on Etsy is so perfectly pretty I can just imagine it gracing the area above my kitchen sink!

I'm totally inspired by this easy, fun garland created from old paint chips, found over at Modern Parent Messy Kids.

And although these personalized vases from MaidOfClay over at Etsy could transition well to any season, I find them decidedly preppy and therefore quite Spring-y indeed.

This farmhouse kitchen plate display, found over at Brabourne Farm (originally credited to just Flickr) is so cheery and really simple to change out.

Even the major retailers have jumped on the Spring bandwagon…Garnet Hill's suggestion for sprucing up a guest room is refreshing.

And who can you count on if not Lilly Pulitzer to put a little Spring in our step…I'm thrilled to learn more about their new furniture collections!!

So you see, even though I am a tried-and-true Summer gal, I can totally appreciate the pastels and pretty colors of Spring along the way.

What's your favorite season to look forward to?

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