December 13, 2012

Strange Birdy Studios

I’m not sure there is anything as trendy for hipsters right now as the famed infographic.  Though their main purpose is to bring a sense of visual identity to information through graphics, their secondary intent – if you were to interview the graphic designer – is to be aesthetically appealing.  It is this hyper-relevance mixed with art that attracts the fad-phobic hipster.  And though I am anything BUT a hipster, I certainly can appreciate something pretty when I see it.   And thus I give to you Strange Birdy Studios and their sure-to-be-iconic, modern twist on the dwindling baby book.

Ever customizable, yet still pedestrian, the My First Year and Milestone posters are the perfect answer for the parent who has documented their offspring’s first 364 days of life on Instagram, but who has yet to crack open a photo album.

Strange Birdy Studios even offers a completely customizable printed “annual report” infographic, the Paloma, based on information you provide for a perfectly designed (and typefaced) presentation of all of your baby’s milestones.


Have you made your baby book yet?

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