June 27, 2011

Summer dreams

Today is my birthday.  My 36th to be exact.  Growing up, I always bemoaned the fact that my birthday (and my half birthday for that matter) were never during school.  But eventually I realized how awesome it is to have a birthday at the beginning of summer.  It is no secret that my favorite season is summer…and to take it even further, my MOST favorite part of summer is from the very beginning of the warm-enough-to-go-to-the-beach days through July 4.  A lot of that has to do with the fact that my birthday falls then, but much of it is also because of what early summer represents.  As a kid, it means that the endless weeks of freedom still roll out in front of you.   As an adult, it means that you still probably haven’t gone on your summer vacation and thus there is still anticipation left.

Anyway, I saw this fan-TAS-tic summer bag from J. Peterman featured in the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine and it totally inspired me.  I may just have to ask for one for my birthday.  The stripes and the leather detailing are so deliciously, unapologetically summer to me…which led me to looking for other sun and summer inspiration.

I am in love with this pillow from ETSY seller, Gems of the Soul, with its fresh ticking and sweet oatmeal ruffles.  I can imagine it would summer-ify any chair or couch it landed on.

And if you aren’t into the nautical leanings of the prior offerings, than this lovely bolster can surely make you smile.  ETSY seller, SUKAN, has plenty of options with multi-colored birds, but I love the tone on tone of the red ones, don’t you?

I’ve never had the guts to fully switch out a mantle-scape for the season…but this amazing installation over at The Lettered Cottage just might inspire me to try it.


To me, there really isn’t anything in the world more refreshing to my spirit than sitting in the sand enjoying the warm sun on my toes and a sweet breeze from the water.  This photo shot at a wedding takes me there immediately.  I wonder if I put a rocking chair on my porch and squeeeeeze my eye tightly if I can recreate the feeling. (Photo found over at La Petite Coquin but originally taken by Union Photography.)

Of course, summer can mean delicious breezes away from the water as well.  I can just as easily imagine myself in this airy retreat found on Emmas Design Blog and taken by Annika Vannerus.

So, what’s your favorite thing about summer and if you can’t experience, what takes you there?

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