September 4, 2012

Super Superhero Room

So you’re an 8 year old superhero fanatic and you ask your parents for a superhero room.

Well, if you’re as lucky as this little boy, your mom and dad deliver in a big, awesome way!!  Just check out this super-fun, superhero room my friend’s husband (who happens to be a very talented artist) did for her son.

I love the comic book boxed valance with the quilted silver drapes.

But my favorite part of this room is the amazing, HAND PAINTED (!) superhero alphabet display!  Each letter is specifically designed to ‘match’ a corresponding superhero…can you guess them all?

Of course, if you’re not feeling as artistic as my talented friend, there are some other great superhero alphabet options available to make or for purchase as well – like this great decoupaged option that Ashley at CherishedBliss made for her son:

Or these letter blocks from Etsy seller, Little Lamb Letters:

There’s even a delightfully clean lined superhero alphabet print by Fabian Gonzalez if you’re hoping for a more subtle way to incorporate your love of superheroes in your home decor.

Who is your favorite superhero?

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