Whole Lotta Hoopla

So when I am not sifting through inspiration for this design blog, I am either sifting through inspiration for my wedding invitation business; sifting through inspiration on how to mother my children intentionally; or zonked out on the bed from hours of inspiration sifting…oh yeah…and you know, running a household, a small business and all that other stuff that goes on in my days.  Anyway, earlier this week, I was mid-sift of my wedding invitation business inspiration when I came across this amazing centerpiece display using embroidery hoops.


It reminded me of an image from a while back in Martha Stewart Weddings:

Embroidery hoops seem to bring an element of craft wherever they appear and I think that element, combined with carefully selected details, can truly create a beautiful piece.  I particularly love this fun, quirky bulletin board display by Etsy seller hoop.de.do.  The vibrant fabrics, paired with the various sizes of hoops are so inspiring!

Another sweet, utilitarian use for the basic embroidery hoop is this sweet calendar.

(I found it on Pinterest here and it was credited to this blog, but try as I might I couldn’t find it)

Of course, the embroidery hoop, being made to hold fabric, creates a wonderful frame for your favorite prints.  In a large display such as this one over at PurlBee, the hoops combine to make a powerful display.

Similarly, Caro at CaroThrift created a display over her bed that is a wonderful mix of size and pattern.

Lastly, this inspiring display from an Anthropologie store makes me smile.  I can imagine this would make a divine room divider in an open space or loft.

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