Why Don’t You…?


… hang something unexpected from your ceiling beams?

I love exposed beams in ceilings, perfect for creating an airy feel in any room while providing it with a healthy dose of character. But if you’re into extremes, why not give your ceiling beams just the tiniest extra jolt and add something truly surprising overhead?


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Genius Design: The Curious Vase

Designer Mianne de Vries’ curious vase is as much of a study in human tendencies as it is a sculptural accent for the home. Here’s the gist:

Each vase includes 2-4 vases inside, enveloping each other similar to a Matryoshka doll. Yet to reach each vase, you must break the one surrounding it, revealing a new vase design. The result is a perfectly interactive statement piece that begs the question: Would you dare break the vase?

I love the idea, and would have to admit I’d likely never break the outside vase for fear I wouldn’t like what lies beyond! (And what happens if you only have two vases inside? Would you risk breaking the second and hope there’s a third behind it?)

Eek! I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. What would you do: break the vase in the name of curiosity? Or would you keep it in its original form forever?

Images via Mianne de Vries

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3 Neutral DIY Ideas For Holiday Decor

For me, I like holiday decorating to be two things: neutral and natural. Call me Scrooge, but bright red and green is hard to incorporate in my home, as I like a clean, calm palette. Naturally (no pun intended!), I like to bring in neutral elements and surprising details to my holiday decorating. Assuming there's a few other neutral-lovers out there like me, I've scoured the web for fun DIY ideas that could easily be transformed into fun holiday decor.

Ready for my three faves?:

1. Rag Pillows via Design*Sponge
This one is slightly complicated, but easy peasy if you already know how to crochet. How sweet would your fireplace look with a few giant cushions scattered around the tree for sleepy children? As a kid, I used to dream of sleeping next to our holiday tree, and I like to think I'll let my own kids indulge someday.

Picture 19

2. Mason Jar Chandelier via Kara Pasley Designs
I'd string a few Christmas lights in each jar, or perhaps some ornaments. Either way, what a perfect way to brighten up a dimly lit room. Bonus? You can leave the lighting up year round for a quirky, homespun aesthetic.



3. Doily Table Runner via Ashley Ann Photography
I love this quick and easy tutorial from Ashley Ann, and how sweet would a doily table runner look with some festive candles, monochromatic dinnerware and some bright, shiny metallic accents?

Luckily, any of these beauties can be recycled throughout the year, making holiday decor easy on the budget and closet space! Happy crafting!

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