I’m Dreaming Of A Blue Christmas

Oh, goodness. I know I just finished saying that I loved a neutral, natural monochromatic holiday, but that was before I stumbled upon blue, blue and more blue. And I love it. How beautiful are these sky-colored displays full of wonder and light?

Whether you have a blue velvet settee or not, why not incorporate some lovely indigo into your gift-wrapping (that sweet dress gift tag in the right photo above is slaying me!). A decadent peacock color would look smashing with some lighter, teal accents and a deep blue ribbon.

For ornaments, blue looks lovely next to a sweet green spruce or equally festive when utilized in a white, wintery wonderland display.

Of course, baubles in blue jewel tones set the stage for a glamorous little holiday! (In fact, I’d add plenty of pearls for a dramatic, feminine look.)

As for table settings, I love the watercolor look in the left photo above, but an easy way to incorporate a similar aesthetic is with a few colored glass bottles and tapered candles. Instant mood lighting!

Ahhh, we’ll have a blue wonderland enough!

[Images courtesy of Ditte Isager]

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