On Displaying Collections

I’ve always been a collector of curiosities, from the time I gathered dozens of typewriter ribbon tins to the massive stash of vintage Bingo cards I keep hidden in my credenza. Yet when it comes to displaying such collections, I often hit a roadblock: how can I showcase my favorites without cluttering my home?


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Decorating With What You’ve Got

Decorating and re-decorating can often put a serious dent in the budget. Between functional furnishings and cozy textiles, there’s often little wiggle room left for my favorite aspect – the accessories! Naturally, I’m always looking for personal ways to jazz up my space without paying a fortune. Need a few examples? Look no further than your own attic, closet or toy chest for some surprising ways to stretch your dollar and beautify your room!


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Would You: Style Your Fridge?

In the world of decorating, there are trends that make sense, and others that… don’t. Lately I’ve been spotting a fair amount of interiors that have been styled in some rather unexpected areas. One of which? The top of the refrigerator!

In this home (pictured above), the styling is expected and even functional: a quirky cookie jar and a few sparkling water bottles. Yet in this home below?:

Yes, that is a chair. To be honest, I couldn’t love the look more. It’s odd and unexpected and is a perfect way to cozy up those tall ceilings. Plus, what better way to store additional seating for when guests arrive? I do, however, see the humor in it. How weird would it be to visit a friend’s home and see a chair on top of their appliances?

Tell me, would you style the space on top of your refrigerator? And which look would you go for: expected or crazy?

Top image via Design*Sponge / Bottom image via 79 Ideas

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C’mere and Give Me A Hand

Hey, can you give me a hand?  I have to say, I’ll never look at a coat hook quite the same. These witty solutions to our everyday challenges of keeping neat offer a welcome smile. With multiple options for hanging, holding or displaying an object, these handy holders are great fun! Designed by Henry Allen, they are cast from his own paws, and made of white resin. Because of the material choice these hands will hold up to many tasks. How about the open palm as a soap dish?  The fist comes with both the vessel for a floral display, as well as a candle holder. The opportunities are endless. Hands down, my favorite design consideration is that they hang from the wall as if projecting through it, all the support fasteners concealed from view. A round of applause for Mr. Henry Allen.


Images sourced at Design Public

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New from Elephant Ceramics…

platters and bowls in white on brown stoneware / platter in dark turquoise on brown stoneware

Do you remember these gorgeousness when I blogged about Elephant Ceramics earlier on this year? Michele Michael is back with new designs and boy, was I blown away. Loving all the colors, textures, and photography. New glazes in teal and turquoise, and my favorite – platters and bowls in white on brown stoneware. The brown stoneware is peeking just enough to make that graphic layer work so beautifully. I really need to get my hands on these. Get ready for some winter entertaining!

bowls in layers of blue / platters and bowls in white on brown stoneware

vases in white

platter in white with small bowls / bowls in deep teal

{ images from Elephant Ceramics / photography by Philip Ficks }

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