Airstream Holiday

Looking for something a little different for your holiday getaway this year? How about this ‘temporary housing for chic nomads’. A stay in an airstream trailer could be just the ticket. A destination for the design minded, this 1965 Airstream Safari is nestled in the heart of Big Sur. At 22ft long, this classic sleeps two, has a full bath, and kitchen amenities.

I’d love to own an Airstream. But for now, my family and I enjoy camping under the stars in our big canvas tent. A night in an Airstream under the vast skies of Big Sur near the beach, might be a nice way to to get a taste of Airstream living and culture. Although my version of the interior would likely reflect my personal design sensibilities, I applaud the gesture of interpretation here. Clean lines, and a comfortable modern interior are welcoming for the off-the-beaten-track getaway.

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