Caught up in a web of wonderful

Every spider web begins with a single thread.  This seemingly delicate structure of silken strands looks like it would burst apart in the faintest breeze, when in actuality the threads are stronger than steel.  This is hard to believe, when one comes upon a web glistening with morning dew as if daintily covered with crystals by garden pixies.  A web hypnotizes with an impressive mix of strength and beauty; a desirable combination in just about any design.

Here is a collection of spider web and arachnid influenced design–from a teacup to modern furniture to a human-sized web installation.  It's an ode to the arachnid and the magic she unknowingly weaves into our world.



Baita Design Studio in Brazil created a tea set inspired by spiders–and how could it not be?  It's clean, crisp, geometric glamour would have Ms. Muffet coveting an invitation.

Okay, so it has twelve legs and the real thing has only eight.  But this Henry Snider spider wall clock is spot-on retro sleek–although I feel as if I'm being watched. Get more Snider spider clock info here.


It's the Spiderpodium from Breffo.  Use eight bendable legs to hang almost any portable handheld device almost anywhere on anything.  Very handy, er leggy.

This laptop stand was designed by Duncan Fitsimmons of Vitamins Design, London.  It's edgy, yet fun.  A little unexpected whimsy at the office never hurts.  Find out more.

This multi-faceted room divider was designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.  It's a breezy, beautiful and organically brilliant tumble of threads that move through space with elegant purpose–much like our eight-legged friends.  Add it to your home.


It's called the Bantam chair and was designed by Ryan Dart.  The legs imitate animal legs.  The modern attitude imitates a bold and strong arachnid confidence.  It's a perfect perch to sit, wait and contemplate all the angles–of both chair and life, or simply what to eat for lunch…perhaps that fly in the corner.  Feed your info fix.


DMY Berlin 2010:  Designers at FOR Use/Numen wove a web around scaffolding in a former airport using almost 700 rolls of conventional transparent self-adhesive tape.  Amazing.  And apparently, not as sticky as a real spider web.  More photos and details.


*Spider web image courtesy of  Spiderpodium image courtesy of Craziest

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