Architectural Pottery

Architectural Pottery has created luxury American Made pottery  since 1950. Original designs are still commissioned and produced from original designer specifications today. Arranged in clusters or isolated, elevated by spindly stands or hugging the ground, these vessels appear in many of Julius Schulman’s famed photographs of Southern California architecture.

Architectural Pottery Collection, is a Los Angeles company founded in 1950 by Max and Rita Lawrence. Prominent mid-century LA architects such as Richard Neutura and Pierre Koenig favored the pottery line for spare, geometrically ordered residential gardens and commercial buildings. The Museum of Modern Art in New York exhibited pieces as early as 1951. This line of collectible modern architectural pottery can still be purchased today, both vintage and new production runs. The line and form of these modern objects are beautifully proportioned, and can be displayed as functional, sculptural art, both indoors and out.

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